The celebration this year is going to be different. Guess what, every year is different.
Make it count the way you want to be.

I don’t mean to be rude, but there are so many invites, so many events, I want to join in the fun as much as everyone else, so I do say yes, till my diary is full, then I have to say no. I consider it polite to say no actually.
Trying to rush everywhere, fit everything in, when everyone in the whole world is trying to do the same. I’d rather get off the elevator and catch the next one than squashing into the overcrowded one.

Say no, so you can say yes. Yes to be able to enjoy events without having to say “I’m so busy”
Yes to spending quality time with family & friends. Yes to picking out the perfect peaches and relaxing at a sandy beach with close friends. Yes to waking up looking forward to the next month and enjoying it. Yes to giving way in traffic, and yes to traveling on time.

Yes to extra water and salads so you can say yes to great sleep and comfortable bellies. Yes to helping with the dishes, yes to bringing a plate. Yes to baking homemade, and yes to your neighbors and the local community.
Yes to love for everyone.
Say no, so you can say yes