Where are you on the scale of Mushroom love?
Spending the time preparing them well will make all the difference. Raw & sliced in summer is all fine and dandy, but learning how to make your mushrooms really shine will get them to a 10 on your flavour scale.

Mushrooms, perfect winter fare, are so versatile. Tossed through pasta with spinach & parmesan, in a risotto with pancetta & toasted almond flakes. On your favourite toast with your favourite cheese, try Fontina, fresh ricotta or washed rind for a perfect Sunday supper. Added to a ramen broth, into dumplings with pork mince, mixed into a chicken casserole. Brilliant alongside a thick juicy steak, drizzled with garlic butter. And the classic Boeuf Bourguignon.

Having a container of prepped & cooked mushrooms can make meal planning so easy as well as bringing a huge boost of flavour along with vitamins & nutrition, grab some next shopping trip!
In chef training, we are taught about Mushroom Duxelle. A slowly cooked mixture of mushrooms, shallots, olive oil & thyme, sauteed till golden brown, it can be used as a condiment, added to a sauce for most meat dishes, necessary in Beef Wellington, a flavour booster that is all natural, and can incorporate more flavours such as pork fat, garlic, tarragon & parsley.
Using the same method, here’s your mushroom cheat sheet.
Most mushrooms are relatively clean these days, so really, a visual check for any dirt clumps is enough, and while slicing you’ll see. Please don’t wash, this only clogs the gills underneath and will make them stew. Into a large frypan, on high heat, with a glug of olive oil, when hot, add your sliced mushrooms, and stir with a wooden spoon. Gently toss to make sure they brown evenly. Once the juices are evaporated, here’s where it gets interesting. Add another glug of olive oil, and keep moving the mushrooms around to get a lovely brown gleam on the mushrooms. At this time, you can add freshly chopped garlic, shallots and or butter. Keep cooking on high till they really sizzle. Season with sea salt & freshly ground black pepper. Add miso, fresh tarragon, sage or thyme, lemon zest, red wine vinegar or even mustard. Try either one or a variety of mushrooms, portobello, wild field, oyster, king, button, swiss browns, shiitake, there are so many to choose from, as long as there is enough room, mushroom.