Covid Safe

Food safety has always been important, but the COVID-19 crisis is making it more so. Now, the experts strongly encourage the use of reputable caterers, providing services during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • In the current pandemic environment, we are providing employees with food safety training.
  • We can be inspected by the Environmental Health Officer and local health inspectors.
  • We have dedicated food delivery vehicles.
  • Food temperature is a key to food safety, as storing foods at an appropriate temperature – that is
  • 4 degrees or below – is critical to minimising the growth of pathogens.

Other best practices to consider during the COVID-19 crisis include:

  • Managing staff health and personal hygiene with regular thorough washing and santising of hands, surfaces, uniforms, equipment and constant use areas.
  • Use gloves to handle and serve food, but be sure to use proper protocols for glove use.
  • Adhering to person to space ratios in kitchens and service areas.
  • Use anti-bacterial wipes on equipment and packages before use.
  • Communication with other team members, guests and personnel to be sure everyone understands sanitation and hygiene protocols.
  • Cocktail & Canape events must adhere to person to space ratios including serving staff.
  • Serving of canapes are neatly presented to avoid unnecessary touch.
  • Buffet events must adhere to person to space ratios, including serving staff.
  • Serving staff must serve food from buffets to guests.
  • Managing buffets includes well spaced out serving areas and monitoring of the area to avoid overcrowding.
  • Use of serving implements by serving staff.
  • Formal seated events must adhere to person to space ratios including service staff.
  • We do not offer crowded grazing tables.
  • Where possible, we serve individual portions, individually wrapped cutlery, pre poured beverages and monitor safe clean up.
  • Staff are asked not to work if they feel sick or have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Use of detergents, disinfecting and sanitation supplies
  • Catering best practices for all circumstances include clean and sanitised preparation areas, equipment, platters, boxes and delivery containers.
  • We supply disposable dishes if proper capabilities to wash dishes are unavailable.
  • Use of commercial refrigerators and regular sanitation of refrigerators and cool rooms.
  • Use ice packs, dry ice or coolers to keep food at safe temperatures.
  • We keep a good relationship with our catering suppliers.

June 2020. Bernadette Kennealy, Director & Owner. Bern the Chef Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia.