Private Events

How lovely to invite friends and family around to celebrate those Milestone Moments. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Reunions. I love being that useful person in the background, popping the flowers in water as you greet your guests. We take the anxiety away by catering the right amounts of the right food that everyone will love love love. I’ll make you look like a STAR!


We cater for a large variety of private events. 


Fortieth, Fiftieth, Sixtieth, and more, chill down the bubbles, get ready to pour. There’ll be fun and a dance and some chicken on a stick, a dance with Amelia, a speech sprouted by Mick!

Family Celebrations

Besides Birthdays, Funerals & Weddings, there are more occasions to include in the Rites of Passage. Graduations, Coming home, Moving away, Reunions and reasons to make sure we hug & share time together. 


I like to make the menu sensible. Food they will actually like, eat and enjoy. Try a formal seated dinner for a grownup feel. Or a chill out finger food night. We have a great list designed just for these nights, with a sensible budget to match. 


Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPY AnniverSARY!!! I usually ask you about your wedding menu, and recreate it either as a seated, buffet or cocktail event in a modern design. I listen to the beautiful speeches & memories, even see the little tears of joy for all that love.


These days can be the hardest and also the best times in our lives. Trying to make those happy memories overtake the sadness of loss. We want to be your support with practical plattered refreshments easy to serve. We are trusted to deliver and set up private residences to make the complicated as uncomplicated as possible.


I DO! I DO cater weddings. I like the smaller weddings, you borrow a neighbours garden, bring the blue sky & sea, use the old heirloom crystal glasses, and I’ll bring the new. With close family and friends these days, please call for an occasion that is truly catered for you.