About Us


Our Story

Making events shine on Sydney’s North Shore since 1995

I love cooking, everything from roasting pork crackle and peeling potatoes to whipping meringues. We bring the experience, and you bring the guests, it’s a perfect match!

We look after events from Sydney to Broken Hill. Weddings in the Blue Mountains, Christmas in Palm Beach, Rosetta’s Twenty First in Dover Heights. 

We work in a Council approved Commercial Kitchen right here in Lane Cove!

Pick up from our kitchen, or we can deliver directly to you.  

 100% Delicious

We have honed our recipes over years of practice to provide catering that will make sure you & your guests ooh & aah all day.

I’ll test taste a posh chicken sandwich any day, or savour a honey roasted quince.

If I’m dreaming about this food, I know you will too.

Always Fresh

Fresh delicious produce makes loving our work inevitable. I still stop to breath in the perfume of basil and tomatoes delivered straight from the markets. I check the seafood packed on ice, the butchers chilled boxes and the carefully packed cheese.

It’s premium produce, and I use every bit of it!

Green Initiatives

 A commitment to making our environment healthier is part of our day to day operations. We use natural/biodegradable disposable goods & cleaning agents wherever possible. We recycle, from glass, cardboard and plastics to printer cartridges. We grow some of our own herbs on site. We support and encourage a greener life with suppliers and associates. 


Exceptional Food, Drinks and Service go hand in hand.

We do way more than just prepare your food. We can provide full waitstaff and drinks packages so you can relax and focus on the important thing, your guests.

Venue Hire

There are so many gorgeous venues open to the public in Sydney – a quick google will help. Ask if you can bring in your own caterer – then contact us!

Sailing, Bowling & Golf Clubs, as well as community halls are set up enough for us to come in. Once a venue is set up with tables, linen, flowers and guests, it’s amazing to see the transformations that occur.
Our very own venue is the Terrace Room in Lane Cove. It’s right next to our commercial kitchen. Perfect for training & education, seminars and information nights. To book, check with Lane Cove Council. The Terrace holds up to 160 guests. At this stage, with social distancing, 47 guests inside the room is safe.