Our Services

Its not enough to just have a great event, you need to make sure everyone is satisfied with a customised selected menu, drinks and waitstaff to make sure you can worry about the important things, spending valuable time with your guests!


Catering Menu

Ooooh! What’s that? And that! There’s finger food, little tartlets, posh sandwiches & wrapped-up morsels. Loaded platters with colourful salads, roasted vegetables & meats, poached fish, fresh breads, desserts for everyone, and always, always, very gooey cheese.

How to decide, is the questions we will ask you. How many guests, what facilities the venue has, what’s your budget, and what you want to actually eat. Sunrise, lunch, afternoons and dinners. We design catering to fit in with the venue, the time available, your favourite flavours and the seasonal availability of perfect produce.


We call ourselves Super Heroes. From setting up the bar to looking as gorgeous as possible to having a napkin ready before you know you need it.  

We value polite, knowledgeable and consideration in our service team. Only as good as our weakest link, we work very hard to cover every angle and issue to let you concentrate on enjoying yourself. It’s a joy to make you and your guests feel spoilt and treated.



Music? Acrobats? Maybe a Magician and someone to play the spoons. Over the years, we have met wonderful vocalists and entertainers; if you need someone specific, let’s see if we can help. 

Wedding guests love a classical quartet to waltz into your ceremony. A juggler for the fair, and even tap dancers for a snappy night.


I’m going to suggest my favourite local florist if we are working in Lane Cove, and your local florist will work great for you as well. The shortest delivery time keeps fragile flowers fresh, so keep this in mind when you need the petals for parties.

I love Bouvardia with its tiny square white blossoms. handy to keep table arrangements on the lower side so guests can see each other without dodging the gerbera and glossy magnolia leaves.


Crockery, Glassware & Cutlery

Co-ordinated crockery, polished champagne flutes, & well-shined cutlery. We pack & deliver, so you can leave the wedding set in the cupboard.

Highballs are water glasses, and useful for built cocktails as well. Wine glasses, even some very fancy cabernet glasses are in my inventory. Drinks tubs, and champagne bowls, water jugs,  iced tea dispensers, martini glasses & coffee plungers can all be supplied. 

Hire Companies

Local Hire Companies, -we use Class Occasion Hire, have a vast collection of everything & anything, continually updating their stock with the latest fashion for your event.

You can call them directly, or let’s talk- I can suggest what might be best to hire from them. Also local are Walkers Party Hire, Jacques Party Hire & Olivers.