Annual Celebrations

Australia Day, Valentine’s Day, Anzac Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, My Birthday, Father’s Day, Halloween, Melbourne Cup, Christmas, New Years Eve. There’s many more Annual Events. Get the gang together, and include us. We will theme it just the way you want.

We have you covered all year around.

21 for 21

Twenty one of your most special friends & family.

At home, with welcome canapes, plated mains with sharing sides, your favourite dessert made into cake with candles along with heartfelt speeches.

Includes chef, waiter & catering assistant, $2100.00 plus GST

Valentines Day

Kiss. Keep it Simple Stupid. Cupid, time, is the most valuable commodity. Time with those you love. I would choose coffee and your time. A bowl of fresh cherries and your time. A roasted chicken baguette and your time. A glass of fine champagne and your time. 

St Patricks Day

My father loves this day. Not for the beer, but for the fact his name is Patrick. A green shirt or tie, Irish Coffee, maybe a Guinness. I love a Lancashire Pie with Colcannon, and a giant pot of Scotch Broth. It’s the cooler breeze of autumn that makes me want cheese scones & roasted quince. Also, stretchy pants out of the storage. 


Religious or not, it’s four days together with those you really like. (well…) I find Easter a much easier time for getting together after hectic Christmas obligations. There are also four days of public holiday rates, so, what if I packed your fridge and freezer with a variety of chef-prepared delicious dishes that will save your sanity while shops are either crowded or shut. Take a few Granny Cooks meals camping, they heat perfectly over the fire, and the neighbouring tents will be scrambling over to see if you will share… 


Make sense of your budget & the less frenetic time of year to celebrate and reward your tribe. A mid-year share & recognise teamwork & collaborations. Work on the start of the new financial year, or get ready to knuckle down with the calculator. We will bring in a hearty buffet for your team dinner. It’s the start of the ski season as well. Grab some of our Granny Cooks meals for wholesome sustenance. After long drives and black diamonds, hearty nourishment will get you out for even more snow fun!


You don’t need me here. It’s chocolate & witch hats and the on-going discussion of history origination and why we celebrate here. I love the fact that kids stay kids with creative dress-ups and a laugh. I love that they feel safe to walk around the streets, to be brave, and say hello to others with parents two trees behind watching and photographing. I love a toffee apple, a brussels sprout truffle – dipped in chocolate, and a  witchy poo wart on the end of my snozz.


For the ex-pats, and those who have family, colleagues & memories of the USA, we deliver buffets with cornbread, roasted turkey,  creamed potato. Greens, pumpkin pie & s’mores pie. Macy parades your buddies for a hootenanny wingding, and we can dish up a fried chicken frenzy.


I know it’s confusing. Because Aunty Maureen wants to bring her salmon pate, and Liam just wants mum’s sausage rolls. 

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we are ready for cocktail parties, delivered buffets, community & corporate picnics. For home, we look after the ham, prawns & roasted vegetables that leave your oven clean and your house cool. We have gift boxes of sauces & handmade treats. Our Saucy Condiments are a must-have – fresh luscious dressings & sauces that compliment your cooking. Look in the Granny Cooks shop to buy these.

New Years Eve

I want you to ring in the new year with confidence and hope. Due to road closures and safety, we deliver buffets in the early afternoon. 

Invite your guests at maybe 7 ish, for sunset drinks, and a relaxed choice of supper platters. Spend time remembering the great memories of 2020. It has been rough. But it’s also been beautiful.

Diamonds are made of carbon, so they form as carbon atoms under a high temperature and pressure. They bond together to start growing crystals. I’ll use this reminder that so many diamonds have emerged from this year. I’m lucky to know many of them.