Catering Menus

We have a wide selection of catering menus designed to satisfy your appetite, event & budget. Perfect for your favourite occasion.                          Minimum Numbers and prices apply.

Sunday Events require a minimum food spend of $1500.00 GST inclusive.      Delivery Charges, price depending on location apply.                                          Pick Up from our commercial kitchen also available. 

Fancy Buffet

Please choose Two (2) Mains and Three (3) Sides/ For 20 or more Guests.

$39.60 per person plus GST

Fancy Main Dishes – Summer/Room Temperature 

Vietnamese chicken salad with peanuts, chilli and coriander (gf)

Carved and glazed ham with mustard and pickles (gf)

Thai beef salad with green beans & coconut lime dressing (gf)

Roasted pumpkin with feta, French lentil dressing & dukka (gf)

Hot smoked salmon with fattoush salad and dill yoghurt (gf)


Fancy Main Dishes – Winter/Warmed, Served Hot

 Seafood Jambalaya with mussels, chorizo & prawns (gf)

Beef shin goulash with potatoes, sour cream & chives

Persian chicken with cardamom, almonds & coconut milk (gf/df)

Nihari lamb curry with tamarind chutney & roti (mild)

Sicilian caponata with white beans (vegan/gf)

Roasted pork neck with red cabbage & crackle (gf/df)




 A little bit Fancier Buffet

Please choose Two (2) Mains and Three (3) Sides/ For 20 or more Guests.

$46.40 per person plus GST

 Summer/Room Temperature 

Whole poached ocean trout with dill mustard cream & cucumber (gf)

Charred Angus beef flank with chimichurri & olive salt salsa (gf/df)

Crispy pork belly with caramelised pineapple & soy ginger sauce (df)

Poached chicken breast with champagne vinaigrette, basil & lychees (gf/df)

Grilled lamb backstrap with miso butter, zucchini ribbon & mint (gf)


Winter/Warmed, Served Hot

 Flaky fish pie with scallops, prawns, snapper in white wine & dill sauce

Slow roasted lamb shoulder with rosemary, served with carrot puree (gf)

Crispy duck breast  on roasted parsnips with balsamic cherries (gf/df)

Signature beef cheeks with stout, horseradish & Dijon

Kurobuta pork loin, roasted & served with celeriac & cider glaze (gf)

(free range chicken can be substituted with the duck breast) 


All Vegetarian &/Or Vegan?

An all vegan buffet is absolutely do-able – or fluid with vegetarian inclusions, with egg, dairy & honey

Five Salad/Sides, with extra plant proteins is definitely a thing, vegan bread & plant based butters.

5 vegetarian buffet items plus a garden salad, bread & spreads

$33 per person plus GST


Super Fancy Upgrades

As our meat/seafood producers have increased prices, to bring these into the buffet dishes, please see these upgraded prices.

Rare Roasted Fillet of Beef, Carved onto Green Leaves with Horseradish Cream   as an inclusion as one of two proteins $6 per person – (Usual Buffet $39.60/46.40 per person, including Beef Fillet cost $45.60/52.40 per person)

         Seafood Platter with Freshly Shucked Oysters, Centre Peeled Prawns,                           Balmain Bugs & Smoked Salmon with Lemon & Lime Wedges,                     Wasabi Crème Fraiche, Mignonette Sauce & Miso Marie Rose Sauce as an inclusion as one of two proteins $10 per person – Usual Buffet $39.60/46.40 per person, including Seafood $49.60/56.40 per person)

Include an Extra Vegetable Side for $5 per person






Sides for Fancy & A little bit Fancier are the same

Rock salt roasted baby potatoes (vegan, gf)

Israeli couscous with mint, pomegranate and preserved lemon (veg)

Truss tomato salad with basil and fresh mozzarella (veg, gf)

Roasted sweet potato with maple syrup and pecans (vegan, gf)

Shaved fennel, pink grapefruit, avocado & walnut salad (vegan, gf)

Classic potato salad with sour cream & chives (gf)

Spinach, hazelnuts, strawberries & goats cheese dressing (gf)

Old school coleslaw, cabbage, carrot, apple & mint (gf)

Seasonal green vegetables with pesto (gf)

Charred sweetcorn, red pepper & black beans (gf/vegan)

Rocket, shaved parmesan, truss tomatoes & balsamic (gf)

Wedge salad with blue cheese dressing, chives, lemon & radish (gf)

Include an extra vegetable side for $5 per person

Please ask for vegan/vegan convertible options



All buffets are accompanied by fresh bread and butter, and a large green salad.

Mixing from Fancy & A little bit fancier can be organised, half & half cost is $43 per person plus GST.

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