Catering Menus

We have a wide selection of catering menus designed to satisfy your appetite, event & budget. Perfect for your favourite occasion.                          Minimum Numbers and prices apply.

Sunday Events require a minimum food spend of $1500.00 GST inclusive.      Delivery Charges, price depending on location apply.                                          Pick Up from our commercial kitchen also available. 

Canape Menu

Ready, Set, Go!

For Picnics, Gatherings and Soirees. Canape Packages come neatly presented, pre-assembled and ready to eat.

Daisy Package

This package is designed for a 1 to 2 hour event, and is suitable for a swift social
$20 per person. Minimum 20 people

Roasted Kumara Frittata with Parmesan & Pine Nuts (gf/veg)

Summer Rice Paper Rolls with Green Mango & Mint (gf/veg)

Little Chicken Sandwiches with Tarragon & Chives

Tartlets with Beetroot Cream, Mint Jelly & Dukka (vegan)

Prawn Zucchini Skewers with Lemon Salt (gf)

Tulip Package

This package is designed for a 2 to 3 hour event and is suitable for a light lunch
$28 per person. Minimum 20 people.

Crostini with Duck Confit & Cornichons

Little Chicken Sandwiches with Tarragon and Chives

Prawn Cocktail Tartlet with Avocado Lemon & Baby Herbs

Bocconcini, Cherry Tomato and Basil Skewers (gf/veg)

Rare Roast Beef Brioche with Horseradish Cream & Cress


Asparagus, Pancetta and Haloumi Bundles with Sumac (gf)

Arancini with Pumpkin, Sage and Mozzarella (veg)

Gardenia Package

Suitable for a 3 to 4 hour elegant afternoon or evening

$40 per person. Minimum 20 people

 Ocean Trout & Cucumber Roulade with Dill Mustard Sauce (gf)

Juicy Peach or Fig Wedges ribboned with Prosciutto & Blue Cheese (gf)

Little Chicken Sandwiches with Tarragon & Chives

Tartlets with Carrot Creme, Marinated Feta & Pomegranate Pearls (veg)

Peking Duck Crepe with Hoisin and Cucumber

Roasted Turkey, Cranberry and Brie Brioche


Syrian Spiced Lamb Kofta with Tamarind Date Relish

Angus Beef Pies with Tangy Tomato  Sauce

Red Curry Prawn Cakes with Sriracha Aioli(gf)

For all packages, we include cocktail napkins & skewers as required.

All contents should be consumed within 24 hours. Packed in fridge-sized manageable boxes.

Items requiring warming will include heating times & temperatures.

Waiters for food & drinks service can be organised. Min 4 hr booking.


RSA Qualified
Please ask for prices & further information.

Glass Hire Packages. $7 per person includes Champagne Flutes, Wine Glasses, Highballs, Drinks Tubs, Water Jugs & Bar Linen. Premium Wine Glasses, additional $5 per glass

Trestle Tables $20 per table

Delivery Charges may apply

GST additional to prices listed and will be added to the final invoice

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