Savoury Casserole Dumplings

I love a golden syrup dumpling at this time of year.
But there are the dumplings that no-one talks about these days. After the loss of love for carbohydrates, , along with global warming, the season for stodge in Sydney can be fleeting.
If you are a pasta family, then dumplings are for you.
Not often enough, winter dinners while I was growing up included a casserole with a dumpling topping.
Savoury. incredibly rich and satisfying, perhaps also because Mum would include a chocolate pudding or baked crumble after a cold damp grey Melbourne day.

If you have spent some kitchen time slowly cooking a casserole, stew or tagine, however fancy you want to imagine, here is your crowning glory to add.
A scone dough. That’s it. And if that still sounds like too much work, this tip will make your dinner a dream.
Pre-making your dumping mix – all dry ingredients, can be premade and stored in the freezer or fridge, just needing liquid and a quick mix in the bowl, ready to dollop over your hot pot.
Self raising flour & butter, a ratio of 4 to 1. 400 grams of self raising flour to 100 grams of butter. Pulverized to a sandy crumb in a food processor, or hands in a bowl, rubbing the butter into the flour if you have time and love the feeling of cold flour. Add a half teaspoon of salt, and 100 grams of milk powder (optional, read further for more) mix together and either store in an airtight container in the fridge, or this mix is ready to use, just adding enough water to bring it to a soft dough. 1/2 a cup of water – or milk if you haven’t added milk powder, Mixed to a rough dough, this is ready.
Dumplings can be cooked over most soupy savoury dishes. A chicken & leek casserole would love sour cream dumplings – just swap the milk for sour cream or plain yogurt. a mushroom & barley thick soup, add parmesan or cheddar to your mix. . Beef shin, add some mustard and chopped parsley to the dough mix.
Once you’ve got your hot dish ready – it makes sense if your casserole/braise/stew is hot and almost finished cooking. It’s as straightforward as either spoonful’s of mixture, or rolling gold ball sized dough balls to sit on the top of your hot pot, popping it back into the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, covered or uncovered, depending on whether you prefer soft steamed dumplings, or fluffier with a golden crust.