Where are you now, in your head. I know you are at home, we are all at home or close by. Have you had enough of feeling like an old pair of stockings with ladders and holes everywhere, but it’s the only pair left to wear?

It’s okay, it’s all okay.
My version of this year includes James Bond. Not only because Sean Connery is now looking down at earth with a shaken not stirred, but I feel like I’ve been through every swerve, close shave, poison, spies, gadgets and villains. The diamonds have also appeared. The new friends, customers, suppliers and even working differently with my suppliers. We grizzled less, as we found what was really important to us. People. Hugs, helping those who needed help, and finding ways to be connected. Probably something I really needed.
Someone asked me in late December, “has this been your worst year?”. I say no. My bank balances say otherwise. It’s true, my financial hit has been hard. Even with government support, I am behind. But it’s only money. I am so much richer. For the experience, for making me drop the time-wasting, and get the essentials done.
I’ve wanted an online platform for years… I knew it had something to do with both my Grandmother & my Nanna, but until this year, it was only a thought bubble that was easily brushed away.
I’ve been able to really broaden the customer base, even more importantly, work with people in my local neighborhood. The Sesame Street song comes to mind, of Who Are the People in your Neighbourhood?
I’ve been through the wringer quite a few times before this year, so as April cemented the scenario the world was in, I thought about those times where it had been rough in business years before now, and knew I could roll with the punches – it didn’t matter how hard, I could keep going, so I did. I had amazing support come my way with workers who needed to alternate from their usual career path, to join me in packing fresh meals & organising logistics.
I’ve become so much more connected, that I even look for faces I know when out and about. I grew up painfully shy. I still can be. Working in the background of a kitchen is a perfect place to hide. I’ve become very proud of my work, the team building, the giving, and the receiving of advice, support & friendship.
A brave face comes out much more these days.
Thank you for being in the movie of our lifetime with me, I’m glad you are here.
Much love and hope for you and your 2020, Bernadette x